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Dr. Steven Hairfield offers a new Zoom Class

Beginning July 12, 2022


If you purchased a ticket to this and have not received your link
to the meeting, please check your spam for an email from It has instructions for you to get your links and was sent to the email address we received from PayPal for you. Or call me at 606-857-6300 and I will send you the link after 6:30 EDT.

Registration for this class is closed. If you are interested in the next class, go to contact page and emails Steven to be added to the wait list.

Weekly on Zoom Tuesday Evenings

4 PM - 5:00 PM PDT which is 7 PM - 8 PM EDT

$15 bi-weekly subscription

Once the class begins, you can cancel, however because each class builds on the information from the last one, you cannot join once it begins.

If you miss a class, you will have oportunity to view the replay and catch up. You will miss your opportunity to ask questions about that material however.

Dr. Hairfield will join us every other week. And in the weeks in between, we will practice our homework together from the previous weeks class.

The duration of the class will be determined by those participating.

As long as progress is being made, and interest is there we will continue.

This is a rare opportunity to learn from someone who was trained by the Tibetan Monks, learning to develope your own skills, intuition, awareness and conciousness. This will assist you to thrive during the shift we have going on in our world today.




What do others say about Dr. Hairfield?

Dr. Steven L. Hairfield is an amazing soulful and heart-full man, a brilliant scholar, metaphysician and amazing Master Teacher. His practical and humorous manner of sharing the complex, in such simplicity, makes it plausible and pleasurable for any person moving through the menagerie of life’s experiences that present themselves in each moment as experiences. He shares how to move through these experiences with fewer struggles simply by not attaching to them. My soul has been touched by Steven, his presence and voice. I know yours will be as well.
- Simran Singh

Dr Hairfield is a intuitive physic, and calls himself an American Monk. I was referred to him 3 years ago from a wonderful family therapist my kids and I were seeing to get through a painful divorce. I was curious about his abilities, since my counselor had studied under him during her pursuit of her masters degree, and highly recommended him. He has a website that says more about his own journey to how he developed his abilities and how he uses them now to help people.

The first time I went to see him, he didn't know me, or anything about me. I had not told anyone I was going to see him. He read me like a book. He said things about personal things I had never mentioned to anyone, ever. He was absolutely amazing in his reading, and his intuitive ability. He basically offered me a confidence that there was a light at the end of that dark tunnel.

His accuracy on what was to be was over 90% accurate over the last 3 years. He is as much a life coach as a physic advisor. I have come to completely trust his ability to give me the ability to plan my future and to look at the brighter side of my life, and accept the gifts God and the universe are trying to give me as I work my way through this life here.

I cannot recommend him highly enough. He's also affordable, which is wonderful, as my journey is not paved with alot of gold!

- S.S.


About Dr. Hairfield

While serving in the Army in Vietnam, Dr. Hairfields search for peaceful answers and higher understanding guided his steps within the walls of a Zen Buddhist monastery in Quang Ngai, South Vietnam, where he would take refuge and study whenever he could. His natural curiosity, blended with a very acute intuitive sense led him to deeper questions of life and the purpose of self.

Upon his return to the United States, Steven earned a B.A. in Psychology. Then pushed by his dream for Universal Truth, he traveled to India following an inner urge which led him to his greatest teachers and lessons, Tibetan Masters. They guided him through India, Nepal, and Tibet,. Twice they smuggled him tTibet that was controlled by the Red Chinese with closed borders. While in this part of the world he adapted to the life of a monk, and for many years he continued his research in the Far East and the path of Jesus while proving to himself that indeed He had been there studying.

While there Dr. Hairfield honed the talents Spirit had given him. He became a Reiki Master and learned many techniques for focusing energy for higher purposes. He now teaches these techniques to his students and audiences throughout the world.

When he returned home once more after working with his eastern teachers he wanted to understand the belief system and studied the greatest belief system of all and received an M.A. in Religion and Theology, becoming quite interested and fascinated by the field of Metaphysics in the process.

He knew by what he had already learned that there was another message contained in the idea of religion and the Bible. Thus some years later he went back to the books and received his Doctorate in Metaphysics.

Through his years of studies with Zen and Tibetan Monks, Ishaya Monks, as well as the Cree and Blackfoot Native Traditions, this true American Monk offers an unparalleled approach to understanding how we influence our own paths in life and why we experience what we do. In his lectures, workshops, T.V. and Radio appearances, he enjoys sharing his unique blend of philosophies to assist others in the attainment of their spiritual goals.

His only desire is that all people find consciousness. To that end for the first time ever he is offering an on line group experience. It is experiential, not just a lecture. You will be given homework assignments to work with between each session with Steven to increase your energy bodies and consciousness.

It is a weekly zoom session, Steven will join us every other week and the weeks in between we will join together in a practice session with our latest assignment. Are you ready to participate? If the answer is yes, click here to register for “Would you like to live your life thru the eyes of a Monk? You can!”

Steven had done this on an individual basis for years and that cost is $100 per hour. For this special offering at this time to help more understand what is happening today, and how to thrive as we are in the midst of this shift…the price is only $15 per session that Steven is present for or $30 a month for the months with 4 weeks. Sessions begin on July 12th. At 4 PM Pacific (7PM Eastern) time. So sign up now and share with your friends who might have an interest.

It is my desire that all people achieve self mastery. I am able to intertwine the philosophies of the New Age, Spirituality, Buddhism, and Christianity to get people to realize the truth of life and our own internal divine nature.

Every thing that Steven speaks on or writes about is about awakening and self help in life and how to master all things by mastering one’s self first and to free people of perceived burdens. He has published numerous books and DVDs, been in metaphysical productions, and been a guest on Coast to Coast AM several times along with numerous other radio shows. He was a Keynote speaker at a Southwest Dowsing Conference in Flagstaff.