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I have been working as a life and business coach for 25 years and have been extremely successful in this field.

Most if not all of the peoples lives and businesses have changed greatly as new insight is given to those that I have had the pleasure of working with. The reason, I feel is simplistic as I came from an abusive childhood, am a combat veteran, and spent many years as a Tibetan Monk In Northern India.

This diverse background allows me insight into what is blocking a person from life or business goals. Blocking is used as most if not all circumstances in lives are created by the individual.

Cause is never truly outside of us? I use my experience and insight to assist the individual in understanding why their circumstances are what they are. It is my purpose to give this understanding so that an individual’s life changes to a more positive flow.

Intuitive Life Coaching Session

Life Coaching

Life is filled with a myriad of events, people and experiences none of which we are able to avoid. If we avoid they continue to occur and appear as cycles in our lives. These cycles continue until we understand the cause.

Cause is always what I look for when interacting with an individual as cause is the reason for any experience we have. When we understand the cause then we are able to shift it into a brand new experience for ourselves and our lives simply go in the direction desired.

Would you like your life to be smoother?
Would you prefer a peaceful life?
Would you prefer a life with greater levels of satisfaction?
Allow me to guide and mentor you into that level of living.


Buisness Mentor
$100 1 hour session


Business Mentor

Do you have goals not met?
Do you have goals that have been frustrating you?
Would you like to see your business grow or expand?

Then allow me to show you the different paths that may be available. There are times when the simple path is not the best path and for many reasons.

In the world of business I have spent many years in the corporate world with incredible and diverse experience in the Computer industry. I grew from a sales and marketing representative into sales and management training with the likes of IBM Corporation. I moved from this into management and operations with at one point over 500 employees.

These experiences are as valid today as they were then and they work very well in today’s market. I have had the opportunity to work with small startups to fortune 500 organizations. I enjoy very much in assisting people to find their success personally and professionally in all fields and endeavors of life.

(1) Hour Intuitive Counseling Session $100.00



















In his childhood, Steven discovered he had a special gift. He was never alone. He realized on an intuitive level that his imaginary playmates were quite real. Steven could see things that no one else could see. This had a profound impact on his life which urged him to learn more. This urge was so demanding that as an adult, under strenuous circumstances, he decided to become a Zen monk. This process helped him understand his own natural intuitive abilities, as well as the abilities inherent in each of us. His teachers helped him to recognize the inner senses of human experience and to apply them to daily life. It was through the ageless philosophy of Zen Monks that Steven learned the proper use of the intuitive aspect.

Steven traveled to the Far East to study with the Tibetan Masters, where he learned about the ever-present vibrations and unseen forces at work in our lives. Having realized that all thoughts and actions are indeed alive---Steven began using his insight and abilities to enhance people's lives, guiding them so they may better understand their purpose and direction in life.

Known as Northern Nevada's number one "Psychic and Empath", Steven uses his skills in a variety of areas:

          • Health

          • Personal Circumstances

          • Life Counseling

          • Business Counseling

          • Universal Channeling

          • Spirit Guide Channeling

          • Palmistry

          • Mystical Tarot Readings

Steven is able to identify your current life path and offer guidance based on that path, for all paths are projected into the evolution of past events. In each personal consultation, Steven channels the wisdom of the universe combined with your higher self and any guides which may be working with you. All of us have these guides, we call them Angels.

Steven also combines his channeling techniques with palmistry. As he touches you, the higher selves link energies and he is able to envision your life experiences. Using the Mystical Tarot, Steven confirms the information he channels.

Steven's readings are rich with individual concepts from your life and offer a clear path for you to follow in order to live a more synchronistic life. Steven believes he can free individuals from their burdens in life and place them in a more fruitful trend. All events are set in motion; these readings will give you an understanding of said motion in process. Through these readings you may know your path, enrich your life with the blessings of spirituality, and experience that peace of mind which only comes from "knowing".

Steven does sessions with people form all over the world during lectures, and also offers his services directly by phone and via Skype.

Dr. Hairfield is available for consultations
(by appointment only)
Contact him to schedule a session at: 775.324.5999


Revolving OM

Meditation & the Science of Breath
(Tibetan & Zen Techniques)

  • The Intent of Meditation
  • Concepts of Thought
  • Influence of Thought Forms
  • Clearing the Thought Process
  • Meditation Myths
  • Body/Spirit Union through Breath
  • Meditation Techniques

For questions, appointments and events with
Dr. Hairfield, please contact him at:
Phone: (775)324-5999



Lecturas intuitivas del Dr. Steven Hairfield en español
Profundidad y sabidura de los poderes antiguos de la mente.
Lecturas intuitivas, consejos espirituales, registros akáshicos, y sobre todo, claridad para saber tu fin y tu camino en esta vida.

Idioma: Inglés con traducción simultánea
Para pedir cita: escribir a Mila en:
Horario: Concertado
Requisitos: Es necesario disponer de un ordenador con Skype. Se baja e instala el Skype. Es gratis y fácil de usar. La calidad es muy buena tecnologícamente. Con el microfono de su ordenador es suficiente. No usa el webcam. Le grabaremos la lectura y se lo enviaremos porteriormente.
Duración: 1 hora - El Skype tiene contador del tiempo.
Más información en español: LINK