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A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible





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I finished reading your book “A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible” I was so inspired. I have never had such an appreciation for the Master Jesus’, teachings as I do now. I am in a deep state of gratitude for being led to read this work you have provided. - Rev. Dr. Charlene M. Proctor Author Oneness Gospel: Birthing the Christ Consciousness and Divine Human in You

In “A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible”, Dr. Steven Hairfield brings together the Christ Consciousness with the man, Jesus. If you are looking for an expansive yet definitive explanation of The Bible, then “A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible” will fulfill your greatest expectations. -Avis Attaway, Author of “The Image Maker”

It is not very often that one reads a truly great book with the clarity of insight that can heal us and to help us evolve into the depth of being the divine creature that we are. “A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible” does just that. It is a wonderful blend of Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and metaphysics and is ideally suited to each reader according to his or her chosen path. This book is a very profound book to read, very eye and mind opening leading to a new level of personal experience with out being preachy or pretentious, he is sincere and very authentic in is writing style. Humanity owes it to itself the gift of this book as a teaching aid for going within to discover the “Nature of Being as It Is” infinite and eternal. - Douglas H. Melloy author of: Love and Wisdom, the Art of Appropriateness


This book is written with the sincere conviction that it will convey a message other than the one we have been led to accept about Biblical and other ancient texts. It may change your experience in the way you view life and the concept of God and religion, as well as your relationship with those beliefs. This book is about ancient principles contained in the Bible and many other documents inscribed long ago, such as the Nag Hammadi Library and the Dead Sea Scrolls. Words paint mental pictures that enfold in our minds, and we call this “getting answers”. At times, we take these images as the only truth there is, since we can see or imagine it. We base this personally conceived truth on what we learn in life.

Should we not ask ourselves: what if all this is based on falsehoods? These mental illustrations – that we call “thoughts” – are founded solely on what we have seen or read. Most of the time, we compare them, and in this fashion, we develop personal beliefs according to our choices. This practice is not specifically reserved for the individual. It spreads throughout our society, when each and every human experiences the same event or feeling, or reads a similar book. As a result, the collective mindset – sometimes called the “over mind” - now generates large-scale belief systems that, in time, we have termed as “religion”. Entire nations have been known to bond in the same creed. Even when founded with the best of intentions, these systems tend to bind us as a group, with one mindset going in one direction, while offering no other alternatives. In some respects, this direction may not necessarily be the best or ideal goal toward which we can journey. It does limit us in the centuries-old matter pertaining to God or the God Head, and it affects our individual experience. It also influences what we know about the ancient teachers and prophets of long ago.


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The Twelve Sacred Principles of Karma - Dr. Steven Hairfield

New Release

$9.99 On Amazon

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• What is the law of attraction and why is it so important?

• Is karma real? If not then why is there cause and effect?

• Do you realize that we as human are a result of divine karma?

• Karma is not about punishment it is more about all things are equal and Karma insures this!

• How would you like to attain full control of your life?

• Will understanding karma give us control?

• Do you realize that karma is how we all create in our lives?

• Did you know that you may use karma with intention and have what you seek?

• Do you realize that if you do not know these principles then you will stumble a lot in your life?

• Karma is what life is all about and it may be used directly by you!

• Did you know that karma is created in every moment we live?

The author spent many years as a monk and he not only offers the twelve principles but shares with the reader how the Masters teach these to others. There is ample humor and truth at the same time. To attain implicit control to have direct impact on your life this book will lead you there. 

Review: I come back to this video to bring myself back to myself. Thanks Steven, it is a big help always. I'm reading your book at the moment and it's excellent. It's helpedme with dealing with m Mothers death (2 years ago) I was relly depressed and had been looking at things the wrong way. But your book gave me a different prespective on it. And now I'm at peace with it. So thank you again sir. Wishing you Blessings, Light and Love, Colin

Once Upon A Parable
"What if God heard everything you thought and considered it a request for It to do something for you? Would you change the way that you think?"

ISBN: 0-9720080-0-4
6" X 9" Trade Paperback
280 Pages

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This text is filled with valuable, researched information, principles and tested techniques, all aimed at spiritual growth. It has been written in the style of a Zen Kuan - or one very large parable - and it is designed for spiritual teachings, comprehension and attainment. It attempts to portray the Bible as a tool for such growth, by lessening its religious impact and introducing a new perspective through a metaphysical interpretation. It is merely giving a different light on the subject of the Bible, because of the Master’s wish for our spiritual growth.

The format is one of self-help, wherein readers have the opportunity to recognize themselves as they are. They are reminded of life as we know it. They are offered advice on breaking the cycles that inexorably occur, on the purpose of relationships and what they may give us. Events that fill their lives are explained, especially those with negative impacts. Most importantly, this book offers them a path that will bring them peace of mind and a better life.

Return to Innocence


ISBN: 0-9720080-2-0
6" X 9" Trade Paperback
325 Pages

This book reflects the philosophies found in the messages and teachings of the ancient Masters. They were researched in the Bible, the Nag Hammadi, the Dead Sea Scrolls and Tao Te Ching, amongst other great works. All these texts seem to show us how we may have divided ourselves into a false sense of duality and a dual world with great limitations. The messengers of old taught us about the ramifications of choice and what they may generate for us. If they create inner and outer disagreement, they may also create inner peace. It is all in how we live it after the choices have been made. We define the latter as experience. After taking the journey of seeing what the ancients sought, Dr. Steven Hairfield has combined their wisdom and philosophies into a path of life for a modern society. It follows the simplicity of such wisdom so that we can all comprehend how important we are in the achievement of love, peace, compassion, and reverence throughout our world.

Donations are being sought for the advancement of metaphysics, consciousness, and spirituality in this part of the world. It is our desire to create a foundation solely for this purpose with the ultimate goal of establishing a place of study taught by monks and Hindi Priest’s and Holy men. Assist us in this cause. - Shanti, Steven.

DVDs & CDs

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Art of Manifesting


Don't want a DVD but want to watch it on line instead? Save money and enjoy this information packed 59 minutes with Dr. Hairfield, recorded live at the Southwest Dowsing Conference in Flagstaff, Az. Watch anytime 24/7 for 30 days! Only $20. This class in person would be $250. So this is a wonderful opportunity! This is exactly the same as the DVD below. So with shipping you get more than 50% discount.


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Art of Manifesting


DVD with Dr. Hairfield, recorded live at the Southwest Dowsing Conference in Flagstaff, Az. October 2011

The Art of Manifesting DVD


The Power of Thought
(2 Disc Set)

$30.95 (INCLUDES US Shipping Cost)




$35.00 (INCLUDES UK shipping Cost)

  Learn to use a power that is "able to shake the heavens" and make a heaven of hell, or a hell of heaven. Explore the connection between Human thought, and all things. Understand the concept that allows you to experience whatever you want in your life. Want to break free of the cycles of negative behavior? Looking for a way to change how you experience your everyday life? Dr. Steven Hairfield's 'The Power of Thought' will show you how.  

The Seven Essene Mirrors of Relationship

(INCLUDES US Shipping Costs)

  This CD contains one of Dr. Hairfield's many lectures on metaphysics, "The Seven Essene Mirrors of Relationship". Mr. Bradford Smith, musician and composer, was kind enough to help us with his wondeful talent in the production of this CD. "We will share the seven mirrors with you, and how we may use them to assist in understanding the process of growth-spiritual or otherwise. If we learn what these mirrors represent, it could help us in all matters. We would acquire knowledge of ourselves, our frailties, our strengths. We would also be more willing to share ourselves without fear, as it would be done in truth. These mirrors are designed for the realities of external life, in the form of relationship that we have established. We must also come to realize that spirit will put these in our paths, not as stumbling blocks, but as stepping stones to a higher learning experience."

$23.00 (INCLUDES UK shipping Cost)




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  This is not a show. It's not a lecture. Nor is it a speech on positive thinking. This is the formula used by Ancients to harness all three forces in the universe to manifest 'whatsoever you shall ask.' This is a step by step guide for the Art of Manifesting. Music by Bradford Smith.

Introductory      Sample



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Just listened to the program. It was, is, wonderful. I will listen to it again but will let the first hearing sink in. It was very good and positive to be reminded of many of the points we went over on the phone. This time, I took notes.

I AM prosperity. I AM peace. I AM love.
I AM abundant self-worthiness.

Thank you so much. - Jehsong 1/25/2010 Paris, France

- Download your FREE 'The Art of Manifesting' Desktop here-
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- Reno, Nevada

2012, The Mayan Calendar, Earth Changes, Energy Shifts, The Acceleration of Time, The Changing of Metaphysical Seasons, Our Spiritual Emergency Broadcast System, Disappearing Civilizations, The Erosion of Logic, Balancing the equation of YHWH ... Welcome to 2006!

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  07/06/2006 - Fort Wayne, Indiana
Journey along the path of self discovery into self mastery. This lecture series covers a wide range of metaphysical areas related to 'knowing thyself': Karma, Thought and Manifesting, The 7 Essene Mirrors of Relationship, Principles of Attunement, and much more.

[ Total running time = 4 HOURS ]



(2) Disc

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06/04/2006 - San Francisco, California

Examine how thought gets woven into the fabric of reality to create this roller coaster ride of positive/negative perceptions/reactions.

Learn to interact with cause and effect by understanding that what you project becomes your experience.



(2) Disc




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05/21/2006 - Salt Lake City, Utah

Have you noticed that time is getting faster? Have you noticed the changes in the weather? Have you noticed that governments are no longer working? Have you noticed that religions are no longer working? Have you noticed that logic itself is no longer working?
Shift of Polarities explains why.



(2) Disc

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Funds are being sought for the advancement of metaphysics, consciousness, and spirituality in this part of the world. It is our desire to create a foundation solely for this purpose with the ultimate goal of establishing a place of study taught by monks and Hindi Priest’s and Holy men. Assist us in this cause. - Shanti, Steven.