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The Changing Times

The Birth of the Divine
• What is going on in our world today?
• Weather phenomena is reaching epic proportions. Why?

• Geologic upheavals are increasing with the volcanic activity along with earthquakes reaching proportions never witnessed. Why?
• Storms reaching areas never before seen. Why?
• The rate of conflict reaching staggering size. Why?
• Is time really moving at a faster rate? Why?
• Global warming; is this a natural phenomena or is it direct human influence?
• South Atlantic anomaly what is this showing to us?

These are the material effect that we see but it is not what is going on! What is the cause? We are viewing the birth of the divine nature. We are experiencing the shift of the ages!

It is not the End Times!
Ancient prophecy now unfolding.
• Middle Eastern Prophecy
• Eastern Prophecy
• Mayan Prophecy
• Hopi Traditions
• The messages of the ancients on the coming times and the fulfilling of these prophecies!

Is this 2012 in the Mayan traditions? 'Period of no time'
What does this mean?

• Are we experiencing the pangs of birth?
• Birth of the divine consciousness!
• What truly is YHWH? Is it a name or is it an ancient Sacred Geometrical Equation?
• The next evolution!


The Power of Thought

Thoughts – What are they?
• How thoughts shape our lives
• How experience shapes our thoughts

Types of Thoughts:
• Selfishness
• Insecurities
• Positives
• Negatives
• Worry
• Thought and Attitude

Learning to Control Thoughts
• Why control thoughts?
• Benefits of thought control
• Life experiences and thought
• Thought and creation of life
• Thought as Mantras


Manifesting: Creating Our Experience

The Pyramid Process of Thought
• The Do’s and Don’ts of Thought
• The Ripple Effect
• The Ten Fold Process

The Pyramid Process of Emotions
• The Concept of Worry
• Runaway Emotions
• Learning to Focus

The Will Power Effect
• Applying Thoughts and Emotions
• Steering One’s Will

The Doubt Process
• Understanding Doubt
• Why Doubt Exists
• Eliminating Doubt


Meditation - Science of Breath

(Tibetan & Zen Techniques)• The Intent of Meditation

• Concepts of Thought
• Influence of Thought Forms
• Clearing the Thought Process
• Body/Spirit Union through Breath
• Meditation Techniques

Self-Love: The Purpose of Relationships

Love & Its Fulfillment

• Building Love
• Undoing the Past
• Power of Self-Expression

The Purpose of Relationships

• Career
• Friends & Family
• Intimate Love


• Self-Acceptance
• Reflections of Life & What They Mean
• Building Self-Acceptance
• Being Open to Love

Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible

The History of the Bible and why it was formed

• Genesis – Our Spiritual Origin
• The Old Testament
• Christ’s “Missing” 18 Years

The Four Gospels:
• Matthew – Physical Life
Mark – Mental Life
• Luke – Emotional Life
• John – Spiritual Life

The Book of Revelations

*Based on over 30 years researching Nag Hamadi Scrolls, Dead Sea Scrolls, Tibetan Scrolls, the Bible, and Other Religious texts.*


The Sacred Journey of Life
"Path of Consciousness"

This seminar also based on ancient language of the Creative Primordial forces of Masculine and Feminine forces ever present and at work in the universe that we have come to know. These stories talk of the desire of union as the Principle of Creation “Let there be Light”. It also has its basis in the idea of “We are made in It’s image”. It is the Journey of Christ Consciousness, that all is life and in perfect order. The art of Love, Compassion, and Reverence with all of life and walking as though a living prayer!

• Consciousness
• Loving without conditions
• Reverence of Life

• Compassion
• Masculine & Feminine Forces
• Let there be Light”
• Reflections of Life Journey of Consciousness
• The Sacred Journey – Revelations


The Seven Essene Mirrors of Relationship

This seminars purpose is to teach the reflections of life that are ever present before us. Of which we do not notice because of the very first mirror of life. These Mirrors of Relationship are based on a philosophy written by the Ancients thousands of years ago. To this day they are taught in most of the Eastern Monasteries as a natural part of the process of understanding yourself. Through the journey of the reflections one establishes a better and more purposeful relationship with others and life. This seminar shows not only what they are, it teaches how to understand them and most importantly how to use them in relationship to your self. The mirrors are listed below:

• Reflections of the Moment
• Reflections of Judgment
• Reflections of Loss
• Your Most Forgotten Love
• Father/Mother/Creator
• Dark Night of the Soul
• Compassion and Perfection of All Things


The Principles of Karma

A seminar based on the Oriental and Buddhist philosophies of the path of the Monk. All Eastern traditions follow the principles of Newton’s third law of cause and effect, all be it older than the mathematical proof of the law. This is what Christ intended with “Nothing is above the Law” and “Whatever ye mete is Returned to you ten fold”. There are twelve principles of karma of which we, in this part of the world, misunderstand and pay little or no heed. We plow along in life with very little mindfulness of what we set in motion. We discuss the principles and offer ideas on how to balance the effects of our cause, the idea of the principle of Alpha and the Omega.

• Natural Universal Law “The First Cause”
• The Buddhist Philosophy of Cause
• Karma - The Twelve Principles
• Becoming the First Cause
• Clearing The Principles
• The Moment – Creation in Motion
• Renewal of Purpose

Return To Innocence

A seminar based in the ancient traditions of innocence of being and the true journey of consciousness available to all that seek this path of higher understanding. It is the journey of Christ Consciousness, “…even the least among you that believe in me shall do these things…” The truth of the hidden meaning beneath this statement from ancient traditions. It is a learning of how to balance the primordial forces to operate in union, understanding the heaviness of life and its impact on physical form, dross. The principles of how life accumulates by one drop at a time until we overflow. The ancients have warned us since the beginning of time on which is the best path of life. We have mistaken ancient metaphor and allegory, overlooking symbolism, and have walked a path of material form. We have forgotten our first Love.

• Ancient Prophesies
• The idea of the “Holy Trinity”
• The Seven Temptations
• The Seven Virtues
• The Seven Chakras or Churches
• Energies at Work in the Chakras
• Balancing the Forces
• Illusion of Duality
• Creating Oneness


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