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Biography of Steven Hairfield, Phd.


At the beginning of his lectures and workshops, Dr. Steven L. Hairfield likes to ask his audience: “What if what you term as God heard everything you thought and considered it a request for it to give you what you were thinking? Would you change the way that you think?”

 He also asks this “Do you feel as though something is about to happen?” These questions generally trigger a myriad of thoughts and surprise in the visions and minds of the listeners present. It opens the doors to the world of spirituality and consciousness of being, and it indeed sets the thought process in motion. He himself was asked these by one of his teachers while in the Far East.

Dr. Hairfield has an interesting and fascinating background. Having been raised in a very normal environment, he decided to serve his country in the military, during a rather troubled era. His duties and expertise led him to Vietnam. Anyone who was there can tell you that it was not a pleasant experience. His search for peaceful answers and higher understanding guided his steps within the walls of a Zen Buddhist monastery in Quang Ngai, South Vietnam, where he would take refuge and study whenever he could. His natural curiosity, blended with a very acute intuitive sense led him to deeper questions of life and the purpose of self.

The monks began to insist that he should learn of Issa. He then learned that Issa was in fact Jesus. He later learned that Issa, Jesus, had spent much time in what is now known today as India, Pakistan, Ladak, Nepal, and Tibet before returning to the Middle East to carry out His mission.

This truly inspired his personal search for knowledge and a passion to somehow recreate the Master’s 18 years not mentioned in the Bible. He had set a goal that would intrigue and shock him later, but first, he had to understand what made the human mind work in the fashion that it does. Upon his return to the United States he studied for and received a B.A. in Psychology. Then pushed by his dream for Universal Truth, he traveled to India following an inner urge which led him to his greatest teachers and lessons, Tibetan Masters. They guided him through India, Nepal, and twice into Tibet, they smuggled him into the later as it was Red Chinese with closed borders at the time. While in this part of the world he adapted to the life of a monk, and for many years he continued his research in the Far East and the path of Jesus while proving to himself that indeed He had been there studying. While there Dr. Hairfield honed the talents Spirit had given him learning many healing techniques and became a Reiki Master and the techniques of focusing energy for higher purpose he now teaches these techniques to his students and audiences throughout the world.

When he returned home once more after working with his eastern teachers he wanted to understand the belief system and studied the greatest belief system of all and received an M.A. in Religion and Theology, becoming quite interested and fascinated by the field of Metaphysics in the process. He knew by what he had already learned that there was another message contained in the idea of religion and the Bible. Thus some years later he went back to the books and received his Doctorate in Metaphysics. Through his years of studies with Zen and Tibetan Monks, Ishaya Monks, as well as the Cree and Blackfoot Native Traditions, this true American Monk offers an unparalleled approach to understanding how we influence our own paths in life and why we experience what we do. In his lectures, workshops, T.V. and Radio appearances, he enjoys sharing his unique blend of philosophies to assist others in the attainment of their spiritual goals.

His only desire is that all people find consciousness. In 2000 he was inspired to communicate his accumulated knowledge and experience to the world through a book. It is now in its second printing and is titled “Once Upon a Parable – A Journey into Life”. Dr. Hairfield has poured his love for humankind into this explicit work. He has completed his second work called: “Return to Innocence – Messages from the Ancients”, a spiritual guide to a better way of living life and how the original messages were shifted from their original intention of the universe to an external physical reality. There are two books written about him entitled Interview with an American Monk I & II. He has recently released his best work of all “A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible”. This book answers the mysteries of the Bible and the Master Himself. It is based on 37 years of thorough research that led him all over the world.

A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible is based on historical and metaphysical fact which includes the missing books that were not originally included in the Bible. It is a journey of Mastership, Empowerment while achieving an inner Divine nature. He has also recently been selected by the Edgar Cayce Foundation through the Association of Research and Enlightenment as one of their few intuitive’s which are the most tested intuitive’s in the world and it is an honor to serve using this field to change people’s lives.

Dr. Hairfield continues his writing, counseling, his lecture and workshop tours, and has even released two CD’s the first is the “Seven Essene Mirrors of Relationship” and “The Power of Thought”. There are also many of his seminars that are available as down loads from the web site. He resides in Reno, Nevada in the high Sierra Mountains.

Abilities of Dr.Steven Hairfield
to open humankind to the Divine within

Intuition: Steven was born into this world open to the intuitive side of life this is an ability that we all have but most people shut it off. He did not know nor understand why he felt and heard things until his late teens when he encountered his first teacher a Zen Monk in Southeast Asia who helped to hone my skills and to understand the value of the intuitive side. Later while studying in India with his Tibetan teachers he became well versed in remote viewing and the idea of channeling information for others in life. Today he is certified by the Edgar Cayce Foundation A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment) which is an honor in itself as they thoroughly test the applicant in a very rigorous manner. Today I use this ability to help others understand their lives and circumstances and how they may correct the course of their life. Today I work with Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Therapists in the field of mind and thought and life circumstances. I have the ability to impact peoples lives in most if not all areas of that life from health, relationships, careers, and living fully. It is my desire for all humans to achieve their true abilities by them learning to realize what is blocking them from achieving their personal dreams. It is the blocks in life that are self imposed in stopping people from personal achievement and these are not things on the outside they are all internal and I seek them out to expose them to the person.

Channeling: Steven is most always in a state of open channel which is enhanced by his intuitive side this was taught to me in the Far East. I work with a group that refers to itself as the “Brotherhood” and they offer him a diverse ability to work in all arenas concerning the present and the future. The future is always about what is to come in our world and our lives and I love sharing this with all people so that they know what is to come. The “Brotherhood” has a unique way of expressing themselves extremely clearly in the fields of energetic dynamics and how they not only impact our world but also the human in relation to those dynamics. I use them in my predictions of things to come and as time has progressed our links have become closer while the predictions have become more accurate. This year, 2010, we have thus far achieved about a 97% accuracy rate in the dynamics of our natural world in the arena of weather and geologic activity. I also use this ability to help others not only learn to open to channel but also in the arena in how to utilize the knowledge. When doing seminars the “Brotherhood” interacts with the audience through questions that are directly asked by the people and they love this as most speakers do not allow this idea.

Public Speaking and Seminars: Steven travels the world to reach out to people on the idea of 2012 and what is really going on with the far reaching ramifications of the shifting energy streams. I also work in the fields of self help through the idea of self knowledge and what self realization is truly about. It is my desire that all people achieve self mastery and once this is accomplished one master’s life and all things in that life. I am able to intertwine the philosophies of the New Age, Spirituality, Buddhism, and Christianity to get people to realize the truth of life and our own internal divine nature. Every thing that Steven speaks on or writes about is about awakening and self help in life and how to master all things by mastering one’s self first and to free people of perceived burdens.