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A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible





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Dr. Steven Hairfield tells us what the Christ knew
and how to use it!


Reader’s comments:

“Metaphysical Interpretation is the story of the physical human and the
Creator working in union with all of life!
Creating living Christ consciousness”
Carolyn, California

“A Metaphysical Interpretation is a repeated story
Of becoming lost to create
a true journey of self discovery!”
Jeff, Tennessee

“I am in complete awe from reading
A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible!”
Gail, Hawaii


History – The history portion of this work has its full basis in truth and in documented historical fact to set the stage for what happened and what was changed. Such as: were you aware that over 10 million people died to prevent the church, but not the message? They were called pagan! Were you aware that the formation of the Bible has it roots in four original foundations of which Mary Magdalene was one main players? It covers the details of the Crusades and their true purpose which was to eradicate any contradictory books and to hide the truth. All of this and much more is contained in the first chapter. Learn of the truth.

Genesis – Genesis, as so many other aspects to the Bible, is completely misunderstood because there is so much conflicting information. Materially speaking that would seem the case, but from metaphysical truths there are none once one knows how to comprehend what is being represented in the Bible. In Genesis you will learn how creation truly came about. How did it occur in seven days, a number that is found everywhere in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation? Was this the creation of the charka system, known as the energy body? Is this why Adam and Eve did not have bodies until the midpoint of the third chapter?

Does the story of Noah’s flood carry a different message than what we are taught? There was never a global flood and science now knows that the size of the ship would be impossible today verses thousands of years ago.

Is the Ark of the Covenant something different than a powerful golden box? Could it simply be a unified human with their energy body or soul!

Mystery of Jesus – Who was Jesus in reality? Was He human, God or both? Was He born Divine or did He become that way? Are we all the same idea? Was He taught, or did he learn how to accomplish what He did? Why is there nothing of His early life? Where was He and where did He go during the missing 18 years of his life? Who were the three wise men? Was He ever in any other area of the world? There is proof that He was not only in India, Nepal and Tibet, but was also taught there. Did the early churches desire us not to know these truths and instead have led us away from them? Do they still not want us to know what He knew?

Why are there over 250 mythological records of virgin births and yet only one accepted as truth? Did you know that not only the Christ but Odin, Hercules, and Alexander the Great all have this same record? All others are doubted as truth except one. What does the ancient Aramaic word virgin truly mean?

The Christ fully understood the ideas of creation and the seven days because when we view the Sermon on the Mount it also has seven points that align with the seven days of creation and the charka system, energy body. Was there another message He was attempting to convey? We also find in His messages only seven parables located in the gospels and they also align with the same principles. Was He attempting to let us know the importance of the energy body and how to operate with it in life? Were all of these truly related, the information says yes completely!

The Four Gospels – What are the true messages of these specific books and why out of the 100’s were these chosen especially due to the fact that they were all written many years later, as much as 75 years passed. Do they carry a specific message? Information says yes.

Matthew – The Sermon is addressed in this book along with the majority of the parables. This particular gospel discusses the physical part of life which is why these parables and the points of the sermon are found in this work. Matthew is about our physical experience from the perspective of the soul. It suggests to us how to work with life so that we grow in consciousness!

Mark – In this gospel the Master opens to us the operation of the mind, thought, and how life will influence the way that we think. He also opens for us the true inner power of this human attribute. He demonstrates how to cleanse and use this wonderful ability for higher principles which we take for granted. He suggests for us to become what we seek!

Luke – In Luke, the Christ is very specific as He addresses our emotional body and the impact of people along with the potential of manipulation. He shares with us the energy the emotional body is capable of demonstrating and how to operate them in union with the mental self to guide us to the energy of the soul.

John – John is about the spirit or soul self and working through it to achieve our dreams. There is documentation that John is not the author of this book. Mary Magdalene is the probable author and is supported by inner documentation of the Catholic Church. Could this be why she was labeled as a prostitute by Pope Gregory in 498? Was Her path, the Gnostic path, to much competition for the early fledgling church?

Revelation - Why is it referred to as the Revelation of John when it is not, according to the Bible itself? This is the most misunderstood book of the Bible and is not about the destruction of the world. It is the awakening to the soul, and if one understands the messages of the four gospels, this is the culmination of awakening to full Christ consciousness. As the Christ stated make the “two into one” Revelation is this accomplishment. It is your experience as an individual sheds the lower nature and journeys toward the higher. We also see the number seven in this book many, many times, from the letters to the churches to the angels. Is there another message being portrayed? Is this book on the reunification of the true Ark of the Covenant, the reunion of our ancient memories and the soul?

A Metaphysical Interpretation of the Bible is about metaphysical truth, the real messages of the Master 2000 years ago. The pages are considered to be self help, self empowerment, alternative religion, and metaphysical philosophy. It will assist one in creating and using their own power of self. The Christ showed us, now here is what He wished us to know and understand. “You are Gods”, John 10:34! The keys have always been in plain sight now you may be able to see them!